A ride to end veteran suicide

Bull Valley, IL (9/10) - Chicago, IL (9/18) - Lexington, KY (10/1) -
- Fort Wayne, IN (10/9) - NYC, NY (10/16) -


In 2017, BraveHearts pilot program for Trail to Zero began in NYC. Since then, BraveHearts has taken the ride to the next level by being able to bring more veterans into two cites (NYC & DC in 2018) to bring awareness to veteran suicide while also helping the veterans on the ride to heal and advance their horsemanship. In April 2019, BraveHearts presented at the N.A.M.U.C.A conference where hundreds of mounted police officers heard veterans stories from Trail¬† to Zero. The response from the units were overwhelming and brought forth the opportunity to add a third city, Chicago, in 2019. In 2020, we began the year with a Trail to Zero ride in Houston, TX and ended the year with two additional cities added Lexington, KY and Bull Valley, IL.¬† In 2021, BraveHearts will ride a total of five cities with the newest addition of it’s 7th city, Fort Wayne, IN. BraveHearts rides bring the overwhelming statistic of 20 veterans committing suicide per day to the forefront of Americans’ minds while also helping to educate veterans and Americans about equine assisted services and the benefits that it has as an alternative approach to healing.

It is our greatest hope that we may reach at least one veteran who is currently battling suicidal ideologies, letting them know that they are not alone, that their community cares, and that equine assisted services may help. We are forever grateful for the NYPD Mounted Unit, US Park Police Mounted Horse Unit, the Chicago Mounted Unit, and the HCSO-Mounted Patrol for standing behind us as we continue to ride until 20 becomes ZERO. 

Thank you to our 2021 Partners!